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How it Works

1) Bring in your items for our expert evaluation

2) We quickly test the functionality or purity of your item
3) We will give you a cash offer. You can also ask for Store Credit!
4) We complete some very brief paperwork
5) We pay you cash IMMEDIATELY!


Do you have gently used items sitting around your house?  Turn those items into fast CASH at Convert 2 Cash! 


We buy gold, silver and diamond jewelry, coins, watches,  smartphones, televisions, video gaming systems, laptops, car stereo, home and pro audio & video, musical instruments, DVDs -  you name it. Our experienced and friendly staff will evaluate your items and within minutes you will have cash in hand. All of our testing and appraisals are done in-house so there is no waiting to get paid cash for your items.

Looking to upgrade? Perfect! We can offer you even more in store credit than we can in cash. Make sure to ask your buyer for a Store Credit offer and upgrade that phone, car stereo or TV today.

Convert 2 Cash pays immediate cash for your gently used but unwanted items.  Turn your gold, silver, jewelry, laptops, video games, tools, musical instruments, TVs, coins, smartphones, into FAST CASH!

Jewelry, Gold & Silver Coins

Bring in your unwanted gold, platinum, and silver jewelry, and watches.  We will test it  and weigh it right in front of you and discuss the price. Once we strike a deal, you will receive cash on the spot.  

Gift Cards
We buy unwanted gift cards! Call us today and turn that gift card into cold hard cash!

Televisions & Monitors
TV technology is one of the fastest changing technologies on the market. If you’re thinking about upgrading or you simply have that TV collecting dust bring it in for Cash on the spot!

Mac Computers & Laptops
We specialize in apple products of all kind but especially love MacBook Pro and MacBook Air laptops! We pay absolute top dollar!

Vintage Gaming Systems & Games
Check the basement, check the storage locker, check under the bed because that old Super Nintendo might be worth something! The vintage gaming market has come alive and we love walking down memory lane. Call or stop by today for immediate cash for your vintage gaming equipment.

Musical Instruments

Do you have guitars, brass, or woodwind instruments cluttering the house?  Bring them to Convert 2 Cash and we will give you quick cash on musical instruments that are in good condition.

Power Tools

We buy a wide variety of power tools from all the main manufacturers.   Bring in what you have and we will make you a cash offer on your working power tools and yard equipment.

Car Stereo

Tell us what you've got and if it's in good condition, we will buy it!

Home and Pro Audio & Video

Speakers, amps, projectors - you name it we will most likely buy it.  The better the condition, the more cash we can give you.  Complete the form on this page and let us know what you've got to sell!


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